Integrated Automation System

Giving you the tools you need to enhance your vessel's performance, safety and environmental credentials.

Høglund Integrated Automation System (IAS) is a highly flexible marine solution, designed to meet the complete range of automation, monitoring and control tasks on board modern vessels. The platform is known for its advanced functionality, simple configuration and user-friendly operations, and our customers have played and still play a crucial role in its development.


  • Reliable high quality hardware and standard components available worldwide
  • Less spare parts required on board
  • Reduced start up expenses
  • High speed redundant communication IP network
  • Low space and power requirements
  • Supports standard solutions for all commonly used marine components
  • Short application generation time
  • Easy to operate
  • User-friendly debugging and troubleshooting
  • Easy to expand- no limit for number of signals
  • Energy-efficient, focus on the environment
  • Interface for input/output data access from/to third party software
  • Integrated logging system and playback facilities, both local/remote and online/offline
  • Høglund's unique Playback function is included in all our deliveries

Høglund IAS Hardware platform

Høglund offers a modular range of control hardware for both alarm systems, process automation and safety systems.

The system supports both single and redundant controllers in a modular fashion. The addition of controllers or I/O can be done without affecting (or putting at risk) the vessel under control. All units are ‘Hot-Swappable’ and ‘Hot-Configurable’ leading to a reliable and available system with very low MTTR figures.

Høglund IAS Software platform

Høglund automation platform is based on the state-of-art technology developed by Høglund engineers, known for its user-friendly functionality. The platform is modular and scalable, making it suitable for systems ranging from a few hundred signals to those comprising several thousand. Høglund self-developed engineering tools make it possible to take on any challenge and customized automation solutions within a short delivery time.

Høglund advanced playback functionality is included in all our deliveries.

Flexible Design

After completed advanced user training, customers may design and generate the system without any engagement from Høglund at all. Høglund will provide the customer with all necessary tools to build a total project. If the project requires special solutions not included in the library, Høglund will create these and send library updates directly to the customer.

«Thanks to Høglund's integrated systems, it is much easier to get the information we need to optimize systems and solve any issues»

Leif Larsen, Director Newbuilding & Projects, Utkilen

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