Retrofit & Upgrades

Høglund has a proven track record in performing retrofit upgrades for all types of vessels. We install integrated systems that improve the lifetime value of your vessel, by ensuring reliable performance and lower operating costs.

Høglund Retrofit department brings new technology to aging systems. We deliver turnkey solutions at a very competitive price and time frame, to which many shipowners will vouch.

Hardly any job is too complex for us and we pride ourselves at executing our projects with skill, flexibility and transparency.


Skilled Retrofit Technicians

Our dedicated retrofit team is engaged in a number of projects across the globe, acting as trusted consultants at every stage of the design, installation and operation.

Our knowledge and expertise, supported by our expert software development, project management and customer support teams, will guarantee the optimal upgrade of your system.

Retrofits for the Long Term

At Høglund we think far ahead to ensure that the vessels we work on will be reliable throughout their lifetimes.

The hardware underpinning our systems is based on easily replaceable off-the-shelf components that are available all around the world. This means that global quality and standards can be assured whenever new systems are fitted, or existing systems updated.

Our ABB S800 hardware platform is modular and scalable, making it suitable for systems ranging from a few hundred signals to those comprising several thousand.


Rapid Turnaround

Through our self-developed bulk data manager tool, we can convert vessel I/O lists directly into complete project files. This tool, together with our marine program library, shortens the engineering phase of a project to only a few days.

The Retrofit Project

A typical Høglund retrofit comprises of the following stages, all led by a Senior Project Manager:


Including Site Survey, where the existing system is reviewed in detail and the main requirements identified and agreed.


Based on the Site Survey, our experienced team of project engineers will design the new system, taking use of the capacity to fully integrate the vessel’s automation.

Approval by the Customer

Final technical specification is presented to the Customer for their acceptance.

Installation / Commissioning

A team of highly experienced service technicians will make sure the system is correctly set up and working as agreed. The same team will ensure safe knowledge transfer.


We support the vessel from the installation onwards by providing upgrades, remote assistance and service when needed.

«We recently completed the task of retrofitting a Høglund system onto the vessel. Managed by DPI Ltd, the process was very well organized, and achieved within a very tight time frame. I would strongly recommend this system to any vessel under refit or as a new build package.»

Marc McCrindle, Chief Engineer, M/Y IJE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do retrofitting in transit

Yes, we can retrofit systems while the vessel is in transit. Many shipowners have short docking periods, and our team has a lot of experience in either preparing or completing the upgrade during transit with good cooperation with the customer. This reduces downtime and provides effective results.

Can you manage to do the entire retrofit in one week?

We have several references of complex retrofits that have been completed within less than a week. Such achievements require good planning in front of the project. Our retrofit team is conducting several retrofits every year and got the experience required to plan the commissioning of the new system in detail. Our onboard survey will give us a detailed overview of the existing functionality that will be prepared in advance.

Article: Skipsrevyen article (in norwegian)

Do we need to replace all sensors and cables

In most cases, we reuse the existing sensors and cables. Most sensors have a much longer lifespan than the control system and can be reused without issue.
Sometimes we need to install new communication cables to the control system because the old communication cables are designed for an outdated communication type.

Why can you guarantee a fixed price on the whole project?

We specialize in conducting turn-key retrofit projects. We have extensive experience with such jobs [retrofit references] and are familiar with the challenges that may arise. Therefore, we can confidently offer a fixed price for the entire job, including installation, so that you as customers won't encounter any surprises when the bill arrives.

Høglund Retrofit Team delivers high quality at record pace- when it matters the most!
Video: M/S Prowess can resume fishing with a new Høglund IAS on board, no more than 10 days after contacting our retrofit team with a request to replace the smoke-damaged automation system.