Power & Energy Management

All necessary functions to handle the power generation and main distribution on board all types of vessels and configurations.

Power & Energy Management ensure you can monitor, control and optimize the energy use of your power generators. From power management and blackout prevention to battery and hybrid control management, our automation system is designed to ensure the reliability and safety of your vessel.

Benefits of Høglund PMS


Load Dependent Start / Stop

Høglund PMS Software will handle the start/stop of the engine in situations when this is required by the power demand.

Høglund PMS will automatically start next generator available according to main parameters;

  • Min/Max number of generators
  • Required start order of these

Power Limitation

Høglund PMS Software actively sends “Power Available” signal to all Thruster drives. This is used in situations where propulsion system needs to limit the power usage to avoid overloading the connected generator(s).

Heavy Consumer
Heavy Consumer functionality are also fully supported. Start request is sent to Høglund PMS. Operator adjustable power limit parameters will be compared to actual power consumption and number of generators connected. If enough power is available, start accept will be activated.


Pre-warning & Shutdown

Høglund PMS Software has alarm detection for pre-warnings. This is a function which automatically starts the next available generator if any engine conditions which will lead to a shutdown of the engine are getting critically near the shutdown limit.

Høglund PMS will also monitor the shutdown alarm signal received from engine safety system. When an engine shutdown is detected, the PMS will immediately disconnect affected generator and start the next one in the pre-defined sequence.

Mode Handling

Høglund PMS Software can be delivered with automatic Mode handling.

For projects with Mode Handling functionality enabled, Operators will simply activate the PMS Operation mode through Mode Selection Panel.

Once new Mode is selected, PMS will automatically re-arrange the generators, batteries, breakers and other components, in order to facilitate the desired configuration.


DC & Hybrid Switchboard

Høglund PMS suits advanced ships with Hybrid or Full DC Switchboard design perfectly. Høglund software design principal makes it possible to customize our software for DC Inverter functionality.

Høglund has been used as a PMS supplier for vessels with DC Solutions delivered through companies such as:

WeTechWartsilaSiemensABBTheSwitchNorwegian Electric SystemsHAF Power Solutions

Energy Management System

Managing battery usage in conjunction with the vessel’s generators

Operational modes controlled automatically:

  • Hybrid mode
  • Peak-shaving mode
  • DP mode
  • Shore Connection