Alarm & Monitoring

Høglund Automation System gives you a functional, fully integrated and highly scalable set of alarm and monitoring tools to secure your vessel's operations.

Høglund Alarm & Monitoring System will monitor analogue and digital input signals and activate alarm if the analogue values goes above/below alarm limits, or if the digital input changes from its normal state. Typical equipment monitored could be:

  • Main & Auxiliary Engines
  • Thrusters
  • Propulsion
  • Tank Sounding
  • Fire Detection
  • Loading Computer
  • Unmanned Machinery Space

All Operator Stations will contain the alarm list where the active alarms are read from Høglund process controllers through OPC AE. All alarm and events are stored locally on each operation station and can be accessed anything through Høglund Prilog.

Enginer Alarm & Monitoring Mimic

Engine Alarm & Monitoring mimic

Relevant customer cases

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PGS: Titan-Class Seismic Vessels

PGS: Titan-Class Seismic Vessels


PGS Titan-Class Seismic Vessels are among the largest seismic vessels in the world.