Rystraum & Golfstraum Retrofits

Both vessels needed to replace their old engine control and safety systems.

Vessel Information:
Built: 2009/2011
Owner: Utkilen AS
Segment: Chemical tankers

Onboard Chemical tankers Rystraum and Golfstraum Høglund replaced the entire engine control and safety system to MAN 8L 32/42.

The conversion of the first vessel was done in 16 days, including 2 days' waiting time for the maintenance of the engine to complete.

Høglund re-engineered the entire system, using well-proven and reliable hardware and the existing sensors, decreasing cost for the customer.

The second vessel was completed in 12 days due to less onsite engineering.

The system was separated into 3 different sub-systems for redundancy;

  • Safety shutdown and slowdown system, handling the monitoring of all critical values of the engine
  • Alarm pre-processing system, handling the alarms and gathering all the signals given to the IAS system
  • Speed control system, Handling the control of the governor and speed setpoints based on parameters on the engine