Power Systems

Our DC power system provides efficient supply and control, optimizing vessel performance across various speeds for smoother maritime operations. It's a straightforward solution for enhancing efficiency at sea.

Høglund has been a global leader in providing advanced Power Control Software for all types of vessels since our establishment in 1993.

As of 2022, we have expanded our offerings to include Hybrid Systems and comprehensive DC power packages. Our dedicated team ensures the seamless operation of these systems, prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and performance across all our deliveries worldwide.

Due to our expertise in Integrated Automation Systems, ship owners consistently turn to Høglund to serve as their DC Power supplier. Many instances highlight the shortcomings of experienced switchboard and drives companies in delivering advanced DC Power systems—they often overlook the crucial role of an advanced control system within the overall DC power system. Høglund takes a distinct approach as a DC Power System supplier by not being tied to specific hardware manufacturers. Instead, we have close relationships with power component suppliers, adding value through our advanced Power Management System integrated into the broader framework of an Integrated Automation System. Our selection of sub-suppliers is tailored in collaboration with ship owners, considering the vessel type and design.

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