Silja Europa Retrofit

Retrofitting a 1990’s classic - Høglund’s twelve-day retrofit of Tallink’s Silja Europa

Vessel Information
Build: 1993
Owner: Tallink
Segment: Ro-pax

Høglund was awarded a “Turn-Key” contract with Tallink for refitting the old Valmarine Classic system onboard their ship Silja Europa. Several of the major automation system suppliers where fighting for this contract, but most of them where sceptical about the limited 12 days available for a large job like this.

In addition to the Automation system refit, Tallink had several jobs they wanted included in this job:

  • Installation of new Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Installation of new HV Switchboard for the new Shore-connection
  • Modification of Main Switchboard for voltage adjustments against new shore-connection
  • Installation of Ship Performance System
  • New Napa Ship Stability System

Silja Europa was built at Meyer Yard in 1995, and it was the largest ROPAX vessel ever built.

The ship was scheduled for docking in the 27. of February. To manage the large scope of work in a such short time, Høglund had to muster a team of 15 engineers.

The job was fulfilled on schedule both on time and cost.

The project manager explained this good result in:

  • Proper planning
  • Very good management and cooperation from Tallink, both management & Crew
  • High technical level on the engineers used for this project
  • Our company has over the years gained a broad experience in how to refit Valmarine systems

The Team ready to go onboard

Old CPU Cabinet

New CPU Cabinet

Old IO Cabinet

New IO Cabinet

Old ECR desk

New ECR desk