Carrier Express Retrofit

This retrofit job was performed during a short pit-stop in Emden - August 2017

Vessel Information

Built: Simek, 1996
Owner: Wilson Offshore
Segment: Offshore Wind

Two Høglund engineers traveled to Emden, Germany, to replace an old and malfunctioning UMAS system. On the fourth day, when most of the new system was up and running, the engineers started testing the I/O-signals with assistance from the crew. DNV GL attended the vessel for the final approval on the sixth day when the system was completed.

One year later, when the ship owner decided to install remotely operated bilge valves, we put together a system packet that the crew installed themselves. The packed consisted of new CAN bus controlled Eltorque valve actuators that were mounted on top of the existing valve chests as a replacement for the manual turn actuators. A new control cabinet with an operator station was installed and connected to the actuators. The valves can now be controlled from the new system without any manual actions.

The system consists of:

  • Høglund IAS
  • Høglund Playback
  • Høglund Valve Control (separately installed)
  • Høglund Remote Control, for service and support

Control cabinet before upgrade

Control cabinet after upgrade

New bilge valve actuators

Operator station on bridge after upgrade