BW Athena Retrofit

In 2011 BW Offshore decided to convert their vessel BW Athena (ex BW Carmen) from PSV to FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offshore). Conversion took place at Dubai drydock and were completed in March 2012.

Vessel Information

Retrofitted: 2011/2012
Owner: BW Offshore
Segment: Oil & Gas

Høglund IACS

Old UMAS Alarm and Cargo system was replaced with new Høglund Integrated Alarm and Control System. Alarm and Cargo were separated into two ABB Controllers. Both systems were heavily expanded during the rebuild period. Høglund pre-fabricated new I/O cabinets that were installed onboard by shipyard.

Subsystems included in Høglund IACS:

  • Alarm Handling
  • Tank Sounding
  • Valve and Pump Control
  • Crude Oil Cargo Handling
  • Bilge and Ballast Control
  • Playback

Høglund PMS
During the rebuild period, switchboard was rebuilt by ABB. Høglund installed our Power Management system for 3 Diesel Generator + 1 Gas Turbine. Høglund also installed software for switchboard configuration, thruster reduction and load shedding of large consumers.

Høglund Safety System

Original safety system from engine manufacture was replaced with a Høglund solution. Høglund installed dedicated ABB controller together with ABB I/O modules for each engine. Høglund safety system was integrated together with Høglund IACS & PMS solutions.

BW Athena after rebuild from PSV to FPSO in Dubai Drydock

Old UMAS Alarm cabinet before retrofit

Old UMAS Valve Control Cabinet before retrofit

Høglund Alarm Cabinet after retrofit

Høglund Engine Safety System after retrofit

Høglund System Status mimic

Høglund Crude Oil Cargo Control

Høglund Power Management with Gas Turbine interface