Oceanic Champion Retrofit

During a yard stay in Singapore, we replaced an old Autronica KD-10 System onboard.

Vessel Information:

Build: 1994 Fitjar Verft
Owner: Vestland Offshore
Segment: Seismic Vessel

This retrofit job was performed in Singapore during a yard stay. Old Autronica KD-10 system were replaced with new Høglund Solutions:

  • Integrated Automation & Control-system
  • Power Management System
  • Seismic Compressors Control System
  • GMR Playback
  • Høglund Remote Control, for remote service and support

Old I/O Cabinet with controllers and I/O modules

Old I/O Cabinet with controllers and I/O modules

Høglund is replacing old Autronica - KD-10 System

I/O Cabinet after upgrade

This was a “turn-key” contract. Høglund project and commissioning engineers arranged :

  • Approbation with Factory Acceptance Test together with DNV-GL
  • Cable Pulling
  • Installation, Re-connection and I/O check
  • Harbour Acceptance Test with DNV-GL
  • Sea Acceptance Test with DNV-GL

After the sea-trial Høglund handed over the new system with all approved certificates needed.