Høglund to supply integrated automation and hybrid systems for Finland’s AtoB@C Shipping new builds


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Chowgule to build hybrid ships for Ato BC Shipping2

Six 5350-dwt 1A ice class hybrid bulk vessels will be built at Chowgule Shipyard in India, reducing carbon emissions per unit of cargo by 50% with hybrid solutions

Høglund has been commissioned to supply advanced hybrid and automation systems to six hybrid bulk vessels, with potential for six more, on order for Finland’s AtoB@C Shipping, a leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region.

These 1A ice class bulk vessels will reduce GHG emissions, including CO2, per cargo unit transported by almost 50% compared to AtoB@C Shipping existing ships, making the vessels the most efficient in the world in their class.

The vessels will use batteries, shore-side electricity solutions and electric hybrid solutions to enable completely emission-free and noise-free port calls, being able to arrive and leave port with electric power alone.

Høglund will supply automation and hybrid systems for these vessels. Its Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) will seamlessly link alarm monitoring, control and power management systems, giving crew and shoreside teams supreme reliability and control over the vessel’s systems. The IAS will integrate with Høglund’s cloud-based ship performance monitor (SPM), using data from the automation systems to monitor performance in real time. Høglund’s hybrid systems include a 1000kWh battery for each vessel.

Høglund CEO, Børge Nogva said: “We are excited to be working on another hybrid project, which demonstrates how quickly the industry is embracing this technology. Our systems will not just be helping to drastically reduce emissions but will also give crew and shoreside teams far better insight into their vessel performance, as our SPM uses data from the automation system to give a clear picture of vessel operations and ensure reliability for the long term.”

AtoB@C Shipping Technical Director, Janne Eklöf said: “We chose to work with Høglund because of their track record in delivering high quality hybrid and automation systems, and their ability to work flexibly. We have worked closely with naval architects on the design of these vessels to create the most efficient ships of their type, and as such, we needed specialist expertise when it came to the systems that will make these vessels work. Through this collaboration we’re excited to debut a new generation of bulk vessels and set a new standard for energy efficiency.”

The new vessels will be built at Chowgule and Company Private Limited shipyard in India and will be delivered starting from the third quarter of 2023.


AtoB@C Shipping AB

AtoB@C Shipping AB is specialist in carrying industrial products, project cargos and raw materials. Currently, the company operates 33 ice classed vessels in 3,000-6,000 dwt segment. Company operates several liner services from Scandinavia to UK and Central Europe. Founded in 2000, AtoB@C Shipping is part of ESL Shipping Ltd.