New HMA Office - Busan, South Korea


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​​Høglund Marine Automation has taken the strategic decision to establish a base in the world's number one shipbuilding center, South Korea.​

New Office in Busan, South Korea

Høglund Marine Automation has taken the strategic decision to establish a base in the world's number one shipbuilding center, South Korea. We have had expanded rapidly the last years with its Romanian office and increased number of representatives worldwide, forging a strong reputation for its reliable, robust and technically advanced Automation system. Asia has recently emerged as a key growth driver for the company.

Høglund Marine Automation opened its South Korean office in Busan, 20 October 2015. The operation will be led by Director Egil Gundersen, with Technical Director Kevin Lee. South Korea, which last year accounted for over 34.5% of all shipping newbuilds, is the latest target market for the ambitious business - for obvious reasons, explains Børge Nogva, CEO of Høglund Marine Automation:

"It makes perfect business sense for us to move into the world's number one shipbuilding destination," he says. "Our new, dedicated office in Busan will allow us to provide local clients with what we believe is an unparalleled level of support within the sector - giving them technical expertise, project support, sales and commissioning support, and comprehensive Høglund Marine Automation product service right on their doorsteps.'

The Busan office will be the center for Høglund Marine Automation in Asia. Tor Atle Eiken has been brought onboard as Vice President Sales to increase the sales focus and support towards ship owners.

"With our new and increased team I am sure we will grow Høglund's foot print in the coming years" commented Børge.