Unveiling Høglund: Employee Insights on our Distinctiveness

We sat down with some of our colleagues, and asked them to tell us how they feel about their workplace, and what makes Høglund unique. None of their responses were planned in advance.

Høglund Playback - a unique logging tool for troubleshooting incidents!

Høglund Playback is an integrated logging system with graphical presentation for troubleshooting incidents. It logs every signal in your automation system every second and stores it in a replayable file, enabling the operator to go back in time and see all alarms and events as if they were live data. The software is simple, straightforward and fully integrated in Høglund automation system.


Høglund has a proven track record in performing complex turnkey retrofits for all types of vessels. We deliver fully integrated systems that improve the lifetime value of your vessel, by ensuring reliable performance and lower operating costs.

Gas trials onboard Bergen LNG

Høglund contributes to the conversion of Bergen LNG- Norway's first LNG bunkering vessel! Following extensive sea and gas trials, the vessel has entered normal operation, equipped with Høglund Cargo Handling System (CHS) and Integrated Automation System (IAS).

Høglund remote assistance

Through a secure remote access link, Høglund customer support technician gains direct access to the on board computers and solves the problem without having to leave the office

Høglund & Yxney fuel monitoring

Høglund Ship Performance Monitor (SPM) improves fleet efficiencies by providing accurate live data on fuel consumption, emissions and vessel performance. Seamlessly integrated with Yxney’s MARESS platform, providing a powerful plug-and-play solution for live data.

Ship Performance Monitor

The Captain of M/T Saturnus shares his thoughts on why Høglund Ship Performance Monitor is an invaluable tool for Sirius Shipping, giving accurate live data on fuel consumption, emissions and vessel performance.

LNG tank installation Bergen LNG

Fits like a glove! Time lapse video of Høglund supervising delivery and installation of LNG tank to Bergen Tankers LNG bunkering vessel.

Full retrofit in 10 days!

Høglund Retrofit Team delivers high quality at record pace- when it matters the most! M/S Prowess can resume fishing with new Høglund IAS on board, no more than 10 days after contacting our retrofit team with a request to replace the smoke-damaged automation system.