Our History

1993 - The early years

In 1993, after many years in ABB, a visionary young engineer, Kåre Høglund, recognizes market possibilities in developing fully integrated automation technology, and starts up his own company: Høglund Marine Automation AS. The company is to make own automation, monitoring and control software fitted onto ABB standard hardware.

The beginning is bumpy. Well assisted by another ABB veteran, Geir Moholt, the aspiring founder struggles to introduce the early Høglund-developed software to the shipping and offshore market.

2004 - First big contract

The first big contract is won no sooner than in 2004. The company now consists of 6 engineers and programmers and is located in Norway's oldest town, Tønsberg. From then on, it is a stellar journey. Helped by good references and happy customers, the company is commissioned to deliver solutions to newbuildings and retrofits around the world. To improve our service level, a new office is established in Romania in 2014.


Høglund grows and starts to realize own important role as contributor to a more environmentally-friendly shipping. The integrated automation system contains a sea of valuable operational and emissions data, which can be used by shipowners and crew to make informed decisions. There is also a requirement to report this data to the authorities. With this in mind, Høglund Digital Solutions is set up, to further develop our digital Cloud platform.


2017 - Høglund Gas Solutions

Høglund Gas Solutions is founded in 2017. The business stream focuses on environmentally safe Fuel Gas Supply Systems and Cargo Handling, and is very successful. The company wins several large contracts and a new engineering office is set up in Coimbatore, India in 2019. However, the difficult post-pandemic market situation followed by the war in Ukraine unsettle the financial results and the company is found insolvent in late October 2022. The rest of the business is indirectly affected but continues to perform well, thanks to the renewed interest from the shipowners for Høglund's automation & control solutions and retrofits.

2023 - The Eitzen Group

The Eitzen group become new majority owners in January 2023, with a clear vision for the company moving forward, resting on its strong product portfolio, unique competence and well-known and respected brand name.


2024 - Present

The Høglund of today has systems on more than 600 vessels worldwide, and offices in 3 countries. We are where we are because of who we are: true mariners, passionate about what we do and proud to be Høglunders!