Stolt Concept & Stolt Effort Retrofits

In 2019 Høglund was awarded contracts for refit & renewal of four of the Stolt tankers: Concept, Effort, Achievement and Perseverance.

Vessel information
Built: 2000
Owner: Stolt Tankers
Segment: Chemical Tanker, 37 000 DWT

Stolt Tankers built a series of nine ships in their D37 series, at Danyard in the late 90’s. They progressed with two additional ships called F37, one built in France and the last finished in Croatia.

As the D37 series was getting older, the company was experiencing increasing costs and difficulty to maintain the old systems onboard, and in 2019 Høglund was awarded contracts for refit & renewal of four of their ships:

  • D37 Stolt Concept & Stolt Effort: IAS, PMS & Cargo handling
  • F37 Stolt Achievement & Stolt Perseverence: IAS, PMS, Cargo & Propulsion drive

The new integrated system from Høglund onboard Stolt Concept and Effort included:

  • IAS with interface to:
    • Sabroe AC-compressors
    • Aalborg boilers
    • Catodic protection system
    • Omicron tank level alarm system
    • Sperry Nav
    • Danfoss frequency converters
  • Cargo Control System, with interface to:
    • Autronica GL100 Tank radar system
    • New interface to Loading computer
  • Power Management System, with interface to:
    • New Schneider Sepam system in MSB
    • New digital AVS’s from Leroy-Summer
    • Propulsion drive converter

Stolt Concept System status

SWB Modification

Old IO Cabinet

New IO Cabinet

The Høglund team in action

Cargo overview