Stolt Achievement & Perseverance Retrofits

In 2019 Høglund was awarded contracts for refit & renewal of four of the Stolt tankers: Concept, Effort, Achievement and Perseverance.

Vessel information
Built: 1997
Owner: Stolt Tankers
Segment: Chemical Tanker, 37 000 DWT

Stolt Tankers built a series of nine ships in their D37 series, at Danyard in the late 90’s. They progressed with two additional ships called F37, one built in France and the last finished in Croatia.

As the D37 series was getting older, the company was experiencing increasing costs and difficulty to maintain the old systems onboard, and in 2019 Høglund was awarded contracts for refit & renewal of four of their ships:

  • D37 Stolt Concept & Stolt Effort: IAS, PMS & Cargo handling
  • F37 Stolt Achievement & Stolt Perseverence: IAS, PMS, Cargo & Propulsion drive

For the Achivement & Perseverance, the contract included a total refit of the entire Valmarine, XDi installation onboard and refit of the old 10MW Cegelec Propulsion drives onboard. In addition, the contract also included a refit of the old Cegelec propulsion drive converters. Høglund won this contract with a solution to keep the major power electronics as:

  • Switchgear
  • Synchronous Machine
  • Power Transformers
  • DC Link Choke
  • Thyristor power stack
  • Power cabling

The new system consists of:

  • New Drive system control section and either new door or new cabinet (designed and married to existing power suite), complete with an ABB AC800PEC controller
  • New Excitation Control section with ABB DCS800 (potential for new door/cabinet as above)
  • Graphical based PC Control Terminal for Local Control, Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • New ABB Synchronizing & Power Factor controllers within the system (for LCI starters)
  • Ethernet programming and communications interface
  • Field bus option to facilitate plant wide DCS interfacing

Stolt Achievement System status

ECR desk

LCI cabinets

New control cabinet

New ABB cards

Old Valmarine cards

Installation of new cabinets

The Høglund team is unpacking