Polarcus Naila Retrofit

Retrofit in three stages carried out in April 2014.

Vessel information:
Built: 2010
Owner: Polarcus 5 Ltd
Segment: Research/Survey

The retrofit started on 5th of April 2014 and was carried out in three stages:

Stage 1: 7 days – 2 Høglund engineers and 2 Acel electricians

The installation of the Høglund equipment and the reconnections of the hardwired IOs took almost 7 days. As a new method of IO testing, Høglund successfully used for the first time a solution with a windows tablet and wireless access points in the ER, with the advantage that the IO testing could be done by one engineer only.

Stage 2: 13 days – 1 Høglund engineer

In this stage, the Høglund system was started up. All the serial lines were set-up and tested. All the automatic logic was tested together with the crew in order to improve it based on the client’s feedback from the previous system. The Helideck Monitoring System was installed and linked via serial line with our system for data sharing.

Stage 3: 20 days – 1 Hoglund engineer

Preparation for the extensive tests and the FMEA test during the sea trials. The total length of the sea trials was 7 days and after the sea trials the Høglund engineer remained onboard for technical assistance and training of the crew.

The system is solid and running well. This is backed up by the fact that only 6 remote sessions were required since then, 4 out of which were for new signals/features.

Old I/O cabinet

New I/O cabinet

Nodes cabinet


System status mimic