Polarcus Asima Retrofit

The retrofit job was performed in Singapore in October 2019

Vessel information:
Built: 2010
Owner: Polarcus 5 Ltd
Segment: Research/Survey

This project was carried our in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Replacing the old system

Six Hoglund engineers traveled to Singapore to replace the old Ulstein automation system. The job was more difficult than usual due to extreme heat. After five days of rebuilding, the system basic IO checks started.

Stage 2 – Completing IO check and commissioning on site

During commissioning a few mistakes from the original project were discovered and corrected by the Høglund team, now consisting of 2 commissioning engineers. Together with Seismic Compressor engineer we managed to reactivate the load reduction lines and power monitoring.

The crew offered assistance for HASVAC system and valves. Valve locations were wrongly tagged in the original project and testing was more challenging.

After 10 days at the shipyard old automation system was replaced with new Høglund Integrated Alarm and Control System.

The system consists of:

  • Hoglund IAS
  • Hoglund PMS