Eckerø Retrofit

This retrofit was performed during a two-week​ yard stay in Ålborg, Denmark in January 2019.

Vessel Information

Built: Ålborg Værft A/S, 1977
Owner: Rederi Eckerø
Segment: Ro-Pax

The vessel was originally equipped with a number of different alarm and monitoring systems. A newer version of Lyngsø was installed in the later years.

Høglund had a "turn-key" contract for refitting and integration of:

  • Alarm Control & Monitoring System
  • Tank Sounding System
  • Power Management System
  • Engine Safety System

All the different systems onboard were taken out, and the new components merged into one new system. This integrated solution not only simplifies the daily operation, but also limits the use of spare-parts. In case of any technical issues, the crew now can relate to only one technician for all their systems.

Installation- before picture

Installation- after picture

ECR desk- before picture

ECR desk- after picture

ECR desk F- before picture

ECR desk F- after picture