LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)

Høglund FGSS is a fuel gas supply system designed to deliver gas to any consumers onboard gas-driven vessels. With a Høglund FGSS the full range of required gas delivery pressures can be achieved to cover any marine gas engine currently in the market, from small generators and boilers to large main engines.

Høglund Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) consists of one or more tanks and deliver to multiple gas consumers at different supply pressures, and the gas flow can be regulated independently to each consumer. Each FGSS comes with full IGF Code compliance and marine class approval.

Høglund FGSS can be fitted onto an open deck or integrated into the ship. It can be placed in gas tight enclosures or positioned in open, naturally ventilated areas. The LNG tanks are double walled, vacuum insulated or single shelled foam insulated IMO type-C tanks.

To be reliable and cost efficient, Høglund focuses on standardized and proven solutions - but will be open to customize the FGSS to suit different types of vessels or specific customer requirements.

Specification range

  • Solutions for all engine makers and pressure types
  • Automated BOG (boil-off gas) management
  • Gas processing equipment integrated into tank connection space or as separate unit
  • Naturally ventilated (open) tank connection space or gastight enclosures
  • Easy installation with reduced interconnection complexity
  • Fully integrated with the ship’s automation

Project schedule

  • Complete IGF code compliant scope of supply
  • Skilled support during HAZID workshops and marine class approval
  • On schedule hardware international supply
  • Expert guidance at shipyard for FGSS installation
  • Efficient and experienced commissioning and automation
  • Full lifecycle maintenance and performance monitoring

Add to this the potential for further efficiencies that can be delivered when integrated with other automation systems and it’s obvious that Høglund stands out from the crowd.


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