Cargo Handling Systems (CHS)

Høglund CHS is designed specifically to fit the needs of small scale LNG plants for Natural Gas transportation and bunkering. The CHS is tailor made for each vessel in order to accommodate the ideal tank type, tank arrangement and the specifics of each vessel to cover all vessel operations that shall be required, from ship-to-ship bunkering to simple LNG carrier operations.

Høglund’s Cargo Handling System (CHS) is fully designed by Høglund and seamlessly integrated with the tank design and vessel automation for a fully integrated package. We provide an advanced engineering package that covers all gas related topics on your vessel. From the full specification and supply of the smallest valve, to the most complex LNG reliquification plants, Høglund will cover all topics. We also provide the complete documentation package covering operation manuals, procedures and crew training to insure the vessel performs to the best of her abilities.

Høglund provides all gas equipment and supports the shipyard with the relevant construction details under close dialog and supervision so that even a shipyard new to gas can deliver timely and with quality.

Our CHS key characteristics

  • Tailor made system design to each project based on incorporation of standard components and standard modules.
  • System performance logging with playback with export function for monitoring operations and for post operation data analysis, either by crew or by a central vessel management office.
  • Extensive engineering package and shipyard support package for quality assurance of the final product delivered to the Ship Owner.
  • Possibility to extend Høglund scope of work to the Cargo Containment System (LNG Tanks) and even to ship design topics.
  • Integrated Cargo Handling and Fuel Supply systems in one gas handling package for vessels that carry LNG as cargo and as fuel.

Høglund CHS can be applied to small scale LNG carriers, LNG Bunker Vessels, or LNG Barges, among other solutions.


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