Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)

LNG and Alternative Fuels- we design and enable smart solutions for a new generation of vessels

Høglund FGSS is a fuel gas supply system designed to deliver gas to any consumers onboard gas-driven vessels.

Using LNG or ammonia as a power source comes with a unique set of design and engineering challenges, requiring strict temperature and pressure control mechanisms to manage potential complications, such as boil-off gas and methane slippage. This is why it is essential that LNG vessels are equipped with safe, reliable, effective Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS).

Høglund FGSS

Høglund has drawn on its years of experience in developing marine solutions to create a full range of FGSS for all vessel types. Høglund’s FGSS is fully flexible, with several options available regarding tank configuration, pressure control system and ventilation type. Each FGSS is based on proven solutions, and can be tailored as necessary to fit individual vessels.

With a track record in system integration, Høglund’s solutions are fully integrated within existing vessel automation systems, increasing safety, reliability and efficiency. This also gives operators better access to data and technical insights to improve their operations.


  • Automated BOG (boil-off gas) management
  • Fully embedded within integrated automation systems
  • Puts FGSS management data at the hands of crew and operators


  • Available for all engine makers and pressure types
  • Open tank connections or gas-tight enclosures
  • Expert installation bespoke to vessel type
  • All types of tanks; from double walled, vacuum insulated and single shelled foam insulated IMO type C tanks to membrane tanks


  • Full IGF code compliance and marine class approval
  • Professional guidance and support during commissioning and life cycle
  • Global hardware supply and 24/7 support network
Different solutions for different engine and vessel types

We deliver sophisticated retrofit and newbuilding solutions for any type of vessels, such as:

  • RoPax
  • Cruise / Passenger
  • Container
  • Chemical Tanker
  • General Cargo

Høglund FGSS is ideal for especially cruise vessels and ferries, where emissions that can cause damage to health and environment need to be reduced. In general, the challenge of converting an existing passenger vessel to meet the safety requirements for the placement of fuel gas equipment demands highly specialized design and engineering.

Høglund has been involved in many recent gas retrofit projects, building on the years of expertise gained in the delivery and operation of automation of gas handling and control systems in the field.

In Hoglund we are bundling expertise in Process Engineering, Mechanical and Piping as well as Automation

Engineering coordinated by senior Project Management to ensure projects are executed in a customer-friendly and efficient way.

We can supply a full package of design and engineering, hardware and automation to ensure safe operations.


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