Floating Storage & Regas Unit (FSRU)

Høglund small scale FSRU Regas Module is designed specifically to fit the needs of small to medium scale Natural Gas consumers such as powerplants or small local gas grids. Our system is design optimized from scratch to accommodate the needs of these smaller gas consumers while providing the same safety levels seen on the large FSRU plants.

Høglund’s Regas Unit for small scale FSRU is fully designed by Høglund and can be provided to shipyards as a plug & play module. This can be integrated with the other gas systems on board and the vessel automation for a fully integrated package.

Høglund provides the Regas Unit as a standalone module ready to plug & play. Our Regas Plant is designed to:

  • Max. 50 MMSCFD per Regas Train (possible to discuss larger projects)
  • Water-Glycol intermediate loop for Gas Vaporization

Our Regas Module key characteristics

  • Complete pre-fabricated module delivered to the shipyard.
  • Possibility to re condense BOG.
  • System performance logging with playback with export function for monitoring operations and for post operation data analysis, either by crew or by a central vessel management office.
  • May be integrated in cargo handling and fuel supply systems in one gas handling package.

Høglund’s Regas Module can be applied to small scale LNG carriers, LNG Bunker Vessels, or LNG Barges, among other solutions.