Cargo Handling Systems (CHS)

Høglund’s Cargo Handling Systems provide a modern approach to LNG bunkering and transportation.

Høglund has drawn on its years of experience in developing marine solutions to create modern, safe and reliable Cargo Handling Solutions (CHS) for all LNG carriers, barges and bunkering vessels.

Regardless of the vessel type, size, engine or other characteristics, Høglund’s CHS provides a flexible option, bringing modern automation technology for operations such as boil-off gas management, cargo handling and ship-to-ship bunkering.

Høglund’s CHS can be seamlessly integrated into a vessel’s tank design and automation. We provide an advanced engineering package that incorporates all gas related equipment on your vessel. Our scope ranges from the full tank and gas plant specification, to the supply of premanufactured hardware modules up to the mechanical and digital integration on board.

Smart BOG management and added automation in cargo operations make life on board more effortless and efficient.


With a track record in system integration, Høglund’s solutions are fully integrated within existing vessel automation systems, increasing safety, reliability and efficiency. Custody Transfer Systems (CTS) can be fully integrated into the CHS, ensuring cargo operations are carried out to the highest accuracy. This also gives operators better access to data and technical insights to improve their operations.


Major functions crucial for LNG operations such as gas management are twinned with automation solutions and fully integrated into existing command and control interfaces, helping crew to manage potential risks and hazards in a better way. The CHS is compliant with IGC/IGF and ISO20519.


Høglund’s CHS comes with extensive shipyard and 24/7 technical support. This gives you peace of mind that your vessel is backed up by on-hand expertise every hour, every day. We use standardized, widely available components for ease of maintenance.

Høglund’s cargo control system is optimised for:

  • LNG carriers
  • LNG bunkering vessels
  • LNG barges and floating units

Key characteristics

  • Tailor made system design to each project based on incorporation of standard components and standard modules
  • System performance logging with playback with export function for monitoring operations and for post operation data analysis, either by crew or by a central vessel management office
  • Extensive engineering package and shipyard support package for quality assurance of the final product delivered to the Ship Owner
  • Possibility to extend Høglund scope of work to the Cargo Containment System (LNG Tanks) and even to ship design topics
  • Integrated Cargo Handling and Fuel Supply systems in one gas handling package for vessels that carry LNG as cargo and as fuel


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