Høglund designs, engineers and delivers integrated automation, gas and hybrid-electric systems for all types of Tankers. We also specialize in retrofitting old automation & cargo systems on tankers with obsolete control systems.

We deliver advanced solutions to optimize vessel operations and improve vessels' environmental credentials, to all tankers, including;

  • Oil Tankers
    • Product Tankers
    • Crude Oil Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Gas Tankers
    • LNG carrier
    • CNG carrier
    • LPG tanker
    • Ethylene and gas/chemical carrier

Vessel: Pacific Ineos Belstaff, Owner: Pacific Gas, Delivery: 2022

Høglund Solutions: IAS and Cargo Control

Vessel: Bergen LNG, Owner: Bergen Tanker AS, Delivery: 2021

Høglund Solutions: Retrofit of Cargo Handling System, including: Gas Control and Safety, upgrade of vessel's IAS

Vessel: Olympus, Owner: Sirius Shipping, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS, Cargo Control, PMS and Playback

Vessel: Cardissa, Owner: Shell, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS and Playback with Data Capture features

Vessel: Kairos, Owner: Bernhard Schulte, Delivery: 2018

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS and Playback

Vessel: EK-River & EK Stream, Owner: EkTank, Delivery: 2018

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM, Cargo Control and Playback

Vessel: Saturnus, Owner: Sirius Shipping, Delivery: 2018

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM, Cargo Control and Playback

Refit of 4 chemical tankers with obsolete systems, Owner: Stolt Tankers, Delivery: 2017-2019

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM, Cargo Control

Vessel: LNG Bonny II, Owner: Nigeria LNG, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: PMS and Playback with Data Capture

Vessel: Amadi, Owner: Brunei Gas Carriers, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: PMS and Playback with Data Capture

Our solutions for Tankers

Fuel Gas Control

The Fuel Gas Control system monitors, controls and safeguards the fuel gas supply.

Cargo Control

Our cargo control system is a vital part of our integrated automation system, for monitoring and handling of valves and pumps onboard the vessel.

Alarm & Event Handling

Prilog replaces the alarm printer, storing the alarms and events at the computer hard drive. No more lost alarms/events.

Power Management

Høglund Power Management System (PMS) performs all necessary functions required to handle the power generation and main distribution onboard the vessel.

Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)

Høglund SPM is a highly adaptable monitoring software, designed to help manage and improve the ship and fleet efficiencies.

Cargo Handling

Transporting LNG comes with a unique set of design and engineering challenges, requiring strict temperature and pressure controls mechanisms to manage complications such as boil-off gas and methane slippage.

Playback & Data Capture

Høglund Playback function is one of the most important solutions we have ever developed. It’s an extremely helpful tool when troubleshooting incidents, enabling the operator to go back in time and see all alarms and events as if it were live data....

Engine Safety

Høglund ECS is ideal for retrofit solutions. It can also be fitted on new deliveries.

«Høglund has an unique appreciation of the need to create a tailored system and support it from installation onwards.»

Fredrik Farsen, Technical Manager, Ektank

Relevant Customer Cases

Høglund contributes to the conversion of Norway's first LNG bunkering vessel

Bergen LNG now in full operation following extensive sea and gas trials, marking a key milestone for the future of LNG shipping in Norway

Sirius Shipping - Chemical Tanker Retrofit

Sirius Shipping Chemical tankers "Olympus" and "Tellus" were retrofitted during an 8 days yard stop.