Høglund delivers integrated automation and hybrid-electric systems for all types of Fishing vessels.

Vessel: Granit, Owner: Halstensen A/S, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS

Vessel: Gitte Henning, Owner: Gitte Henning, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, Fire Detection, SPM and Playback

Vessel: American Dynasty, Owner: American Seafoods, Delivery: 2019

Høglund Solutions: IAS incl. Safety & Tank Sounding

Vessel: Don Ole, Owner: Austral Group, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS and Playback

Vessel: Juvel, Owner: Aker Biomarine, Delivery: 2019

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Vessel: Katie Ann, Owner: American Seafoods, Delivery: 2017

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Vessel: Rødholmen, Owner: M. Ytterstad, Delivery: 2012

Høglund Solutions: IAS

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