Høglund delivers integrated automation and hybrid-electric systems for all types of Fishing vessels.

Vessel: Granit, Owner: Halstensen A/S, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS

Vessel: Gitte Henning, Owner: Gitte Henning, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, Fire Detection, SPM and Playback

Vessel: American Dynasty, Owner: American Seafoods, Delivery: 2019

Høglund Solutions: IAS incl. Safety & Tank Sounding

Vessel: Don Ole, Owner: Austral Group, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS and Playback

Vessel: Juvel, Owner: Aker Biomarine, Delivery: 2019

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Vessel: Katie Ann, Owner: American Seafoods, Delivery: 2017

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Vessel: Rødholmen, Owner: M. Ytterstad, Delivery: 2012

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Our solutions for Fishing

Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)

Høglund SPM is a highly adaptable monitoring software, designed to help manage and improve the ship and fleet efficiencies.

Power & Energy Management

Høglund Power & Energy Management System (PEMS) performs all necessary functions required to handle the power generation and main distribution onboard the vessel.

Integrated Automation

Giving you the tools you need to enhance your vessel's performance, safety and environmental credentials