Lifecycle Service Agreement

With Høglund Connect you can access Høglund systems and services in your entire fleet through a single, secure online platform.

Modern vessels are complex entities with a vast amount of data flowing through different systems. Høglund Connect simplifies this complexity and provides you with a single access to any of the chosen data streams. This will give you as a shipowner a unique insight to a vast amount of ship data and all the tools you need for a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient ship operation.

Access to our Connect Platform is free-of-charge, and includes:

  • Basic diagnostic data
  • A selection of Live ship-specific data
  • Lifetime software warranty

Høglund Connect is a starting point for a number of other services/add-ons, specially designed to enhance your operational effectiveness and financial predictability even further.

We have divided these services in two main groups:

  • Digital Services
  • Lifecycle Services

Digital Services

You are free to choose the subscription that fits your needs the best:

  • Performance reports (such as ship performance, engine or scrubber performance)
  • Live Data (Basic, Pro or Premium)
  • Cloud to Cloud Data Transfer

You will have great flexibility to tailor your digital content, reports and storage time in line with your particular requirements, to get most value from your data. Our team of digital experts will design the chosen service together with you, holding focus on what is important.

Lifecycle Services

Our customers often praise Høglund for our level of service. We have a genuine drive to help you solve your challenges as quickly as possible, and we take great pride in our work.
Now you have a possibility to enhance our service level and response time even further, which in return will help you increase your system reliability and give you greater operational and economical predictability.

Høglund Lifecycle Services are available as an add-on yearly subscription for all customers using our Connect platform. Included:

  • Event investigations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Parameter adjustments
  • Configuration support
  • Priority support
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Remote connection

Enhanced Cyber-security
Security is safeguarded by marine-approved Høglund cSafe firewall solution, per default installed on all Høglund systems. The solution gives the following benefits:

  • Easy activation of remote access by pressing a button when needed
  • Remote access directly to all operator stations in the system
  • Granted access only for security- authorized Høglund personnel
  • All data entering and leaving the system is segregated from other systems, making it the only access point

Contact us by phone: +47 33 41 41 50 or e-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information about Høglund Connect and our Digital and Lifecycle Services.
We are here to make your systems work not just today, but for the entire lifecycle of your vessel!